Outside Classrooms!

How do students miss 4 months of school and recover?  In a normal situation, our teachers would have to work really hard to move these students to proficiency in their current grade level.  The past 4 months have not been normal and the students can’t afford to miss any instructional time.  Digital learning is not an option for the vast majority of the students in Guatemala.  We passed out homework packets only to find parents asking for help from the teachers.

Our teachers have volunteered to travel to the various communities in order to teach the students.  They are taking all precautions for the safety of the students and teachers.  Some classes are on pig trail roads.  Thankfully, there are large areas of land for the students to spread out and learn.  The students are coming voluntarily to receive help 3 times each week.   What if a student doesn’t want to receive help from the teachers?  The students simply come to the school for a homework packet each week.

The students are receiving 6 hours of small group instruction, independent practice, and 3 meals every week plus a bag of food for the weekend.  Would life be much easier if the students were at the school? Yes!   However, thankfully we have teachers who are willing to help the children in any way possible.

Please continue to pray for the families and students in our community!


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