Heidy’s Update

Last Friday evening, I received a message stating Heidy’s brother had been shot and killed during a robbery.  He was the victim of a senseless crime.  On Saturday morning, I went to Heidy’s home to deliver some food and to see if we could help in any other way.  As soon as I got out from my car Heidy and her mother saw me.  They immediately met me in the street.  Heidy hugged me tight and her mother wept as I hugged her.  In less than 2 weeks, this family buried a one week old infant and now an 18 year old son.  Will you please pray for this family?  Several teachers will go to their house today and pray with them.

Without going into details, Heidy was accepted into the school because she needs the food and the daily security.  She struggles academically and domestic problems caused issues with attending the previous feeding center program.  We had several interviews with the parents before accepting Heidy into the school.  We feel Heidy’s only chance for changing the direction of her life is by pouring  a lot of Jesus and love into her life.

Original Post:

Heidy is a sweet, shy girl who is in the third grade.  She previously attended the feeding center program so we have been involved with the family for the past several years.   Heidy’s mom was in the final month of her pregnancy when she began to have health issues.  Heidy’s mom delivered the baby, but the baby had swallowed the amniotic fluid.  The baby was in the ICU at the public hospital for 7 days.   (If a baby is in the hospital the mother must return everyday and donate milk.   They have specific hours to be at the hospital each morning.)  Last Sunday, no one could leave their home because of coronavirus restrictions.  On Monday Heidy’s mother returned to the hospital with the intention of providing milk.   However, the nurses informed her that the baby died on Sunday morning at 4:00am.   She was informed of the baby’s death 30 hours later!  She left the hospital and carried home a deceased baby.  On Tuesday, the family buried the sweet, 7 day old baby boy in a local cemetery.

The family contacted Heidy’s teacher, Delmy, on Monday afternoon.  We are grateful the family immediately reached out to Delmy.  On Tuesday morning three teachers went to visit the family.  They provided the family with food in which the father and children would be able to cook.  Today all of the teachers visited the home and prayed for the family.

Our heart breaks for this family.  Our hearts break for this mother.

Will you please pray that we are able to minister to this family during this time?  Pray God brings the family to know Him.  We will be there for the family.  We will walk through this valley with them.  We will show God’s love to the family.

If you have ever supported Grace Ministries or SLAM Ministries then you are part of ministering to this family.  You are part of providing food for this family during this difficult time.  You are part of showing God’s love to this family.


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