Food Trucks!

We all know that proper nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy immune system.  The immune system consists of various organs, cells and tissues that help fight viruses and bacteria.  Regardless of the current circumstance, we want our children to receive nutrition for developmental reasons and health reasons.

During the month of July, we will be in the “Food Truck” business.   We are providing a nutrient drink (similar to Ensure), vegetables, fruit, and a protein to every student at Colegio JET.  We will do food deliveries every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Evelyn, Teresita, and Elaina will cook 350 lunches each week.

Why are we changing now?  We were providing the families with a bag of vegetables each week.  However, this allows us the opportunity to make sure they are receiving the appropriate amount of nutrients at least 3 times a week.  Yesterday the children ate salad, spaghetti, banana, nutrient drink, and pure water.  Today they will received chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, nutrient drink, water, and watermelon.

Will the families continue to receive a bag of food?  Yes!  Each Thursday the families will receive a bag of food consisting of beans, rice, Maseca, nutrient drinks, and vegetables.

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