Quick Update!

So many of you have sent us very kind messages telling of your prayer support.   I am starting to feel like every blog says basically the same thing–Providing Food for Families in Need!

When we moved here 3 years ago our prayer was simple–“Whatever, Whenever, Wherever”.  We simply asked God to use us to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people in Guatemala.  At this moment, the need is food and it is only becoming greater.  We are praying the bags of food are used to plant seeds for salvation through Christ.

What are the restrictions in Guatemala?  Last Sunday, the President kept all restrictions the same while becoming a bit stricter on enforcing them.  The curfew is 6:00p.m.-4:00a.m. and no traveling between departments (“states”).  Last week Soy and I delivered food to different departments without any problems.  Soy was also able to deliver food to a town within our department that had been prohibited to outsiders.  We are thankful to have accomplished it last week since it would not be possible this week.

What has the past week looked like?  Soy and I are surrounded by some very compassionate workers.  People who are willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs.   Last Thursday, our school looked like a market as the teachers prepared bags of vegetables for all of the families.   On Friday, the children received a bag of food, a bag of vegetables, homework, and a Mother’s Day gift.  (We had the cutest pictures ready to be mailed to our sponsors!  Now the mothers are enjoying those pictures in their homes–Sorry Sponsors!).

On Saturday, Pastor Adan and Pastor Walter made individual carrot cake for every mother at Iglesia JET.  They delivered the cake and flowers to every mother from the church as a little bit of encouragement.

Telma and Shadya have spent the past 2 days doing house visits for our children at the school.  They have listened to the needs of the families and prayed with them.  This allows us to know more specifics about the needs of our children.  Some of our families had great needs before Covid-19!  Just imagine during Covid-19!  No work equals no money–No money equals no food and rent.  Pray for wisdom as we begin to prioritize some of the needs of the families.

Today we will prepare more food to distribute to a community tomorrow.  We will spend the afternoon passing out food bags and cartons of eggs to the families of Colegio JET.




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