Boots on the Ground!

Last year, Ali attended the feeding center program faithfully.   We had established a good relationship with her parents and they were always appreciative for the help.  One week, Ali did not come to the center.  One week became several weeks.  We were unable to make contact with the family.  Several months passed and the father made contact with us and explained the family’s situation.  After accepting Ali into the school, we lost contact with the family again.

Ali and her siblings had their world turned upside down with no fault of their own.  Ali found herself as the caregiver for her siblings as her dad struggles to provide for the family.  We have only seen Ali walking on the streets one time since losing contact with the family.

Last Sunday, our teacher, Shadya, was walking to serve lunch to the houses of grandparents.  She saw Ali and her brother walking on the streets also.  Obviously, seeing them brought much joy to Shadya.   Shadya asked them if what they were going to eat for lunch or dinner.  They replied, “We don’t know because we don’t have any money for food.”  They walked away with a bag of hot soup, fresh vegetables, and dry goods.

Was Ali waving a white flag? No!  Was Ali begging for food or money? No!  Shadya knew of the needs because of a relationship with the family.  She knew because of the time spent listening to the father tell their story.  She knew because of the house visits by our staff.  For months, we have prayed for God’s protection for Ali and her siblings.  We have prayed that God would meet their needs.   Was it a coincidence that Shadya was delivering food very close to Ali’s “new” house?  No!

Yesterday afternoon, Pastor Adan and Shadya delivered food to Ali’s family.  One of our teachers gave an offering to buy food for a family in need.  Our teacher met the need.    We are praying God uses this time for the family to realize their need to know Him!

We are grateful that God allows us to be the “Boots on the Ground” with these precious people!


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