Thank You from S.L.A.M. & G.R.A.C.E.

Here is a quick summary of some of the food you have helped buy for the people in Guatemala from March 19th-May3rd: 
Eggs–400 Dozen
Flour for Tortillas–1000 pounds
Rice–2400 pounds
Beans–2400 Pounds 
Incaparina–650 Bags
Oil–400 Bottles
Oatmeal–1000 Bags
Tomatoes–2000 individuals 
Carrots–6000 individuals 
Onions–140 Pounds 
Radishes–750 Individuals 
Sugar–360 Pounds
Pasta–5000 Bags 
1300 Food Bags!  We will continue to give food to the families for as long as the Lord provides!  We have been blessed to purchase vegetables in bulk at a fair price.  Next week the families will receive the essential dry foods in addition to 10 pounds of vegetables!   
We are grateful the Lord is allowing us to serve these people in the midst of dark times.  We are thankful God has surrounded us with people who help show the love of Christ through meeting needs.
We wish each of you could look into the tear-filled eyes of a mother as she expresses her gratitude.  We wish you could see the children run towards their weekly food bag.   We wish you could hear the fathers breathe a sigh of relief as they are handed the bag.  We wish you could hear the Guatemalans as they pray a blessing over the people in the United States.  
We will forever be grateful for the many people who have helped in the lives of these precious Guatemalan families.   We are able to meet their physical and spiritual needs because of your generosity.   We stand amazed at how God uses people to provide for their needs.  
Click on the link for a short video:  Bags of Hope
Trusting in Him, 
Soy & Deidra Taylor 
Shining Light Abroad Ministries & G.R.A.C.E. Ministries

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