Why?  There are a lot of unknowns at this particular time.  However, one of life’s greatest mystery/unknown is “Why do people read my dad’s blog?”  Outside of the people who are sick, no one knows if the rest of the blog has any truth to it.   Why do people care to read about the weather, gardening, and Alabama football?

We are going to blame it on Covid-19.  People are bored staying at home.  People want to read something besides coronavirus.  This is the reason people stepped up to his challenge on a Friday night at 8:30!

Although I am not the most faithful blog reader, we are grateful for last night’s blog.   Think about how much you spend for a family of five to eat at a fast food restaurant for only 1 meal.   For only $15 you can help provide food for a family for approximately 8-10 days.

Do I blog regularly?  No!  Why not?  I am a missionary who does not have time to write a blog.   But preachers….

I also choose to sleep at 2:30 am!

Do you want to know the challenge?  You can read about it at Teddie’s Blog.

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