The Terrific Thirteen

On Friday, my dad challenged all 13 of his blog readers to give towards “Bag Lunches”.  The Terrific Thirteen went above and beyond!   Our goal was to provide each family with one food bag this week.   You can read my dad’s blog for the final count:

We are amazed!  We are humbled!  We are thrilled!  Some of you are out work, but you gave.  Some of you are sick, but you gave.  Some of you have your own personal needs, but you gave.   We always pray that God pours His blessings on those who give.

Will you join us in praying that God multiplies the food in the bag?   We are praying the beans and rice will last an extra week, feed some extra mouths, and stop the hunger pains.

On my last blog, I asked one simple question “Why do people read my dad’s blog?”  A lot of you commented “Deidra, I read your dad’s blog.”  NO ONE was able to give me a legit reason!   One person wrote “Deidra, I’m obligated to read your dads blog.”  Obviously this is one of his close family members.  Another person wrote, “Deidra, I read your blog…and sometimes your dad’s, lol.”  TRUTH!   My dad gave in honor of Soy–“Brings tears to my eyes just thinking of all Soy means to me – whatever!”  Someone gave to “Bag Lunches” in honor of Buddy Jones!  Best Honor Ever!

On Monday, we are going to post a short video sharing the story of Colegio JET.  Please share this ministry with your friends and family.   God can use you to be the voice for these children!

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