Colegio JET & the Virus

I traveled home last week to for some personal reasons.  It was planned to be a quick trip. However, I quickly rebooked my flight to come home a day earlier.   As of midnight tonight, Guatemala will not allow any flights from the states to enter.  I didn’t want to chance waiting until the last minute.  Soy didn’t want to chance taking care of the girls for the next several weeks.

On Saturday afternoon, the president of Guatemala canceled all schools for the next 21 days.   I have given the teachers the choice to work at home or in their classrooms.  March 18th is scheduled to be the final day of first quarter.   The teachers completed all of their grade books on Friday, and chose not to wait until the last day.   I am happy this was completed.

What about the children?  Unlike many people in the states, the parents are not impacted by looking for childcare.   Our children will be impacted by the food for the next 3 weeks.   How are we going to solve this?  I will evaluate everything today and make a decision by tomorrow.   There are several options and we are looking at the pros and cons for each option.

I will post a blog tomorrow about our final decision on how to provide food for the children.

We are saddened that Long Avenue Baptist Church had to cancel their trip at the last minute as a result of the virus.   We are grateful they donated their team food to help the children at the school.

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