Food Delivery

The food for this week had already been purchased.  We spent today cutting up fresh vegetables and dividing them into bags.  Tomorrow some of our teachers will pass out a bag of fresh vegetables, rice, beans, oatmeal, a nutrient drink mix, bananas, and oranges to every family at the school.   The family will be able to cook the vegetables however they desire.

Guatemala is taking extreme precaution to make sure the virus does not spread.  After looking at the grocery stores, we believe it is best to wait until this weekend to purchase more.  The food bags tomorrow will provide them with several meals.

We would like to provide bag lunches next week consisting of sandwiches, crackers, fruit, and a nutrient drink.  Bag lunches cost more due to the “convenience” items.  The majority of the children have siblings living with them.   Obviously we would provide the meals based on the needs of the family.

Do you want to help?  You can give online at SLAM and select “Bag Lunches” under the drop down menu. Your help will allow us to provide for the Colegio JET children and their siblings.

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