Last week, I focused on introducing our classroom teachers.  However, there are several other staff who make our school excellent.  They have the same “Do whatever it takes mentality” for all of the children.  They love the Lord and have a desire to change the lives of the children.

Telma volunteered and worked at the previous feeding center during 2019.  She fell in love with serving the children and their families.   She has done countless house visits and food deliveries.  She is the Bible teacher for the school along with acting as the social worker and handling the finances.   She is an extremely hard worker who is determined to do her job with excellence.  Anything “cute” (like Dr. Seuss Day) is because she has used her creativity to go overboard for the children.


Angelina wears many different hats. English is her first language so she is able to serve as a content translator and a translator for visitors.   She was initially hired to be the secretary for the school.  However, since January she has managed to learn all of the legal paperwork for the Ministry of Education!   Since she is studying psychology at the university, she is able to spend time counseling with many of the children.  She has created a loving environment for the students, teachers, and parents.


Shady is an energetic bundle of joy.  For the past several years, she worked at the original feeding center with the children.  She is from El Tejar so she knows a lot of the background and families of the children.  She teaches art and Kaqchikel.  She also manages all of the volunteers at the school along with bus transportation.


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