Sponsorship for Colegio J.E.T.

Are you looking to make an investment in the life of a child?  Are you looking to be part a child’s story?  You can be part of changing the trajectory of a child’s life with only $40 every month!

We have 6 precious children who need sponsors.  They need someone to pray, support, and encourage them.  The sponsorship allows us to feed the children breakfast and lunch everyday.   They receive 40 meals with protein, fruits, and vegetables every month.

We have classrooms who need sponsors.   A classroom sponsorship allows us to provide a salary for the teachers along with other necessary resources.  By investing in a classroom, you are investing in the lives of ALL of the children.  How much is financial gift for a classroom?  You can give $25, $50, $100…  Every donation will be given directly to the support the classroom.

We need tuition sponsorships.   The tuition sponsorships allow us to cover the cost for lights, propane gas, maintenance, etc.  Would you commit to $25, $50, $100 per month to invest in the lives of these children.

100% of your donation goes directly to Colegio J.E.T.!  

Interested in becoming part of changing lives?  Email us at shininglightabroad@gmail.com  

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