December GRACE Team!

Yesterday was a productive day for the team.  The day involved painting, organizing lots of school items, house visits, delivering gifts, and dinner for another 100+ people.  Everyone on the team has an excellent attitude to do whatever is needed to get the job done.

One of my absolute favorite things is watching a sponsor meet their child for the first time.   The child is always excited, but I think the sponsors are the ones who are most grateful for the opportunity.  Then to have sponsors come back the following year is always a wonderful thing.  The families love to have a relationship with the sponsors.

Today the group will attend church followed by lunch at the mall.   They will feed about 150 people at 3:00 and another 100 people at 6:00.   Thankfully, women were up early this morning cooking food for today.  Other than church and feeding 250 people, it should be a pretty slow day!

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