A Week of Work!

My dad and I are sitting in the Guatemala airport waiting on our flight to Atlanta.   We will drive back to Mobile tonight.  It has been a busy, but good week of work.

The paint team, led by Bernard Suthoff, did an excellent job at painting the classrooms.  They spent hours making sure the walls and ceilings for each classroom is painted perfectly.   The team fed over 500 people.  The team fellowshipped and ministered with the teachers.  They helped wrap gifts for the kids.  They participated in a Christmas movie party.  Tim did some electric work.  They helped deliver some of the desks.   They organized lots of supplies for the school.   Some of the team spent time with their sponsored children.  It was a productive week with many things accomplished.

The exterior of the building is being painted by hired help.   They have completed a lot of the painting in a very short amount of time.   My dad spent time at the utilities office with Juan Marcos.  They tell us the electricity will be connected on January 6th!  Please pray this happens by January 6th.

I was able to finish some of the legal paperwork for the school.  I spent many hours at the SAT (IRS), the lawyer’s office, and the bank.  However, I left with everything finished (hopefully)!  I am grateful to each person who has helped with the legal paperwork process.

(Thanks Witney for the pictures!)


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