December GRACE Team!

The December trip is structured different from other trips because it ministers to the families of the feeding center.  In addition to cooking dinner each night for 100 people, the team is painting the classrooms of the school.

On Thursday and Friday, the team spent the day painting the ceilings and walls of the classrooms.  There is still a lot of construction workers on site so the team has been flexible in working around them.  I have no idea how much work has been accomplished, but Bernard is the leader so there are no worries.

There have been 200 people enjoy a special Christmas dinner at the feeding center on Thursday and Friday.  The parents enjoy watching a Christmas program presented by the children.   It is always a proud moment for them.  Nic Gray and Tico Vargas presented the gospel to the families.  The families leave with a basket filled with food along with a special gift from their child.  It is always a good time to serve.

Our teachers from Colegio JET are serving alongside the group with the painting and dinners.  We have 12 teachers who are practicing their English by interacting with the Americans.  This has been a very good time for our teachers.  They are hearing Southern and Northern English!   It will either benefit them or confuse them?!

Yesterday, the children presented a Christmas program in English.  Several of the teachers have worked many hours with the children for this special program.  The program was followed with gifts for the kids and a pizza party.   After eating pizza, all of the children, teachers, and 14 team members loaded the buses for a movie.  The children watched a movie, ate popcorn, and drank coke.  This is a huge treat for all of them.   They were smiling when they left!

What are the plans for today and tomorrow? House visits, delivering gifts, painting, cooking, and serving dinners to 300 people!

I have no pictures!  Why?  I always forget to take them.  Soy always takes them, but he is not here this week–Sorry!


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