Update on Lydia’s Baby!

Last Friday morning, I visited Lydia to receive an update about the baby and to provide bus funds for the next several days.  She was very happy because the baby had been without the tube for three days and had breastfed for two days.  However, the doctors said they did not know when the baby would come home as she was still sick.

Late yesterday evening, we needed to make some family visits.  Our first stop was at Lydia’s house to check on everything.  She ran to the car with great news, “My baby is home!”  Inside the home there was a beautiful, sleeping baby girl.  The doctors allowed her to bring the baby home on Saturday afternoon.  The baby rode the chicken bus for the first time!

I told Lydia lots of people had been praying for the baby.  Lydia said, “The doctor told me it was not possible for her to live.  But afterwards he told me the baby is healthy and I could take her home.  It was a miracle!”

Thank you to each person who has prayed for this baby.  Many of you have sent messaged asking about the progress of the baby.  Several people provided funds for the transportation and diapers.  We will follow up with necessary measures to make sure the baby remains healthy.

Side note:  A little over a year ago, my first conversation with Lydia was during some uncertainties in her life.  We had to discuss whether or not her son would be able to continue in our program due to personal reasons.  She definitely gave me the cold shoulder.  I can remember thinking about how difficult it is going to be to gain her trust.  After countless rides in my car, showing continuous love towards her son, and quietly giving her kids food, she slowly began to trust me.  Building relationships takes time but it is so worth it!


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