What Have We Been Doing?

I am guilty of becoming caught up with everything going on that I completely forget to take pictures.   Apparently no one else took pictures either as I have looked on several facebook pages.

What have we been doing since arriving back from the states?  We spent about 7 hours organizing and taking inventory of everything purchased for the new school.  We celebrated the 4th of July with the kids on Thursday and Friday.  We realized nachos and cheese is a favorite among the children.  We tried to get back to normal on Saturday with gymnastics for our girls.  (Me:  Audrey, what did you learn in gymnastics today?  Audrey:  We learned how to tell secrets!).  Lizzi had her first school friend to play at the our house on Saturday.  We enjoyed church on Sunday morning, and visiting families on Sunday night.  In between our “normal” schedule Soy has made several trips to the city for ministry or the residency process.  He will go to the city again today to give more papers needed for residency to the lawyer.  We are praying all papers are accepted and everything is completed in record time.

This week’s team has graciously allowed our 3 interns to tag along with them a lot this week.  The team came to the center on Monday where they shared a Bible story and interacted with all of the children.  They allowed me to share about our sponsorship program and prayed over the school.  Today they will feed 36 construction men.  We are very grateful for their involvement!

Yesterday, we began the parent interviews for seats at our new school.  The children currently in the program have the first opportunity to attend the new school.  We will have approximately 40 hours of constant interviews over a 5 day period.  Will every parent choose for their child to be in our school?  No!  There are lots of variables to take into account so everything is not as simple as it may seem.  This morning I was reviewing all of the applications from yesterday’s interviews.  In some ways I was shocked that the highest level of education from 35 parents was 8th grade.  One parent finished 8th grade, 2 parents completed 7th grade, and the remaining were either below 6th grade or no education at all.   Of course, we are thinking of ways to use education to minister to the parents as well!



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