Home Sweet Home!

We have been very quiet for the last several days because we were enjoying our time with family in Alabama.  The girls were out of school for a week so it was made possible for them to visit grandparents and cousins.  Of course, they couldn’t fly back by themselves so I had to accompany them.  I actually had to return for some legal paperwork in order to move forward with residency.  (Guatemala has only changed the rules about 36 times in the past two months)

We basically didn’t leave the hill for 6 days.  A couple of weeks ago, Sydney said “I can’t wait to lie on the carpet and watch t.v.”  It’s the little things that they miss the most.  However, Cracker Barrel, Grand Bay watermelons, blueberry picking, movies, Sonic, beach with white sand, slumber parties with cousins, and lots of hours in the swimming pool made the girls very happy.  When I was thinking about the things which made me smile, outside of my family, they all consisted of food.  Fried okra, over-ripened tomato sandwich, Waffle House, cake with sugared sprinkles….Quite Ridiculous!

We arrived home late Tuesday night with lots of boxes of school supplies.  We spent yesterday organizing and taking inventory.  Today (and tomorrow) we will celebrate 4th of July with 60 cute kids.  We are eating hamburgers, nachos and cheese and watermelon.

If you have emailed me within the past week, I will reply by tomorrow.  I basically closed my computer last week!

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