My goal for the next several days is to give short updates on the GRACE mission team.  9 of the team arrived on Wednesday and the other 37 arrived yesterday afternoon and last night.   Since people arrived on Wednesday why not start working immediately?

Update on Team:  The team completed 2 houses for Segio (child of the feeding center) and Baltazar (worker of GRACE).  Dana Taylor, Mrs. Velta, and my mom helped purchase the groceries for the team along with food for two families.   Dana and Mrs. Velta were able to have a jump start on some of the food preparation for today.  Holly, Daisy, Telma, and I were able to make a visit to Holly’s sponsored family.  Those are always special times.

Update on Construction:  The second floor is progressing very quickly.  The contractor, Delmar, is planning to finish the second floor by the end of July!   Click Here for the Video:  Construction Video

Update on Lydia:  As of this past Wednesday, my schedule doesn’t allow me to take Lydia to the hospital everyday.   We are providing her with bus money to make it easier.  The lungs no longer have fluid and the doctors say the baby has shown a little improvement.  According to Lydia, the doctors said the baby needs at least 3 more weeks in the hospital.    Please continue to pray.

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