Friday Update!

Team Update:  Yesterday began with a devotion by my dad along with worship led by Lana.  The building crew loaded up and headed to build house in a nearby community.  How many did they build?  I have no idea!

About 15 people stayed behind and prepared food for the construction men.  They always enjoy Pollo Campero, mashed potatoes, corn, brownies, and coke.  After they carried the rebar from the road to the school for 8 hours on Wednesday, they deserve fried chicken.

We waited at a local waterpark for the 60 children (grade 4-6) to arrive.  They began the day by eating hot dogs and chips.  They swam and played hard for the next few hours.   Tina Wilkinson and Holly Somero bought lots of floaties for the kids.  For us it is a bit strange to see a 12 year old boy wearing arm floats but they didn’t care.  The floats were a big hit.   We ended the day with another hot dog, bananas, and cupcakes.   They should’ve have slept well last night!

Thanks to my mom for taking my place on “Family Day” with my girls.

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