Days of Fun!

Update on Lydia’s Baby:  We have been able to make arrangements to take and pick up Lydia from the hospital each day.  Our schedule doesn’t allow us to take her today, but we provided her with the funds to travel by bus.  On Wednesday they described the baby as “grave”.  This past Thursday they drained fluid from the baby’s lung.  Lydia said the baby was not as swollen on Thursday.  However, the nurses continue to tell her that the baby is not recovering from the sickness.    Yesterday, Lydia left the hospital in tears.  Please continue to pray for a miracle for the baby.

Mrs. Martha Terry is now recovering at home.  Please continue to pray for Mr. Terry and the children as they care for her.  Thank you to each person who sent a message to me telling me of their prayers.

Bro. Terry Rainey’s group from Motlow Creek Baptist is spending the week serving the people in Guatemala.  They spent Friday morning doing manicures, facials, fingernail painting, lunch, etc. with about 25 ladies from the community.  Telma shared a devotion and music with the ladies.

Friday and Saturday consisted of time with the kids at the center.  Bible story, songs, balloon animals, crafts, face painting, cotton candy, and pinatas made the kids extremely happy.  It was a good day for all of them!

–This past Friday we celebrated 2 years of living in Guatemala!  This was the conversation in the car this past week:

Lizzi:  I am now learning Katchequal.  I know 3 1/2 languages.  Me: Sydney and I don’t like Spanish so we are not going to learn it.  Lizzi:  Sydney, what if you want to marry someone in Guatemala?  You will need to know Spanish.  Sydney:  Oh no, I am going to marry someone from Alabama.   Lizzi: Well I am going to marry someone in Guatemala and work in Guatemala.  Me:  Lizzi I really like Coast Rica and they speak Spanish.  Lizzi:  Oh yeah, I can live in Costa Rica.  I will visit Guatemala in June and Alabama in December.

Sidenote:  Lizzi is referring to her 3 languages as English, Spanish, and Spanglish.  She truly believes Spanglish is another language.  We are now trying reverse psychology on Sydney but it is not working!



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