Prayers for Lydia Update

A quick update on the Lydia’s baby:

The baby has sepsis and pneumonia.  She is in critical condition right now.  The doctors have not seen any improvement since she was admitted to the hospital on Saturday.  She is on a ventilator.  Pray!

When I thought of ways we could help, my first thought was “I don’t know anyone in the Guatemala medical field.”  Within a few hours, Kirk Lightfield’s son-in-law, Sergio, contacted us because he works at the hospital.  He was able to call and find out information about the baby.  Telma’s sister also works at the hospital and she talked directly with the doctor.

Lydia has to be at the hospital at 10:00 am every morning to provide milk and 10 diapers.   She told me she would start walking at 8:30 am to go to the hospital.  Remind you that she had a baby on five days ago.  Chimaltenango hospital is not within walking distance.  Daisy’s husband, Brayan, volunteered to pick her up and bring her home for the visit today.  I provided her with enough diapers for the next week or more.  We will make a plan for tomorrow at some point today.

When Daisy and I got back into the car, Daisy looked at me with tears and said, “This is reality.”   Yes, this is reality!  Please continue to pray specifically for this precious baby.

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