Prayers for Lydia

Henry is one of our children in the program, and I often use his story as an example of how we are changing lives.  They are definitely one of the poorest families we serve.  Henry’s mom, Lydia, just delivered her fifth baby this past Saturday morning.  The baby girl was born in the house before the mid-wife arrived.  There were problems with the baby so she was taken to the hospital by ambulance.  The baby is in the Chimaltenango National Hospital.  According to the locals, this hospital lacks resources and proper care for the patients.  Last night, Lydia shared with me that the baby had surgery and she is sick due to an infection (We are hoping to know more exact details today).  Thankfully, we know a nurse who works at the hospital.  Glendy is going to take Lydia to the hospital during visiting hours today.  The nurse is going to wait and talk to Lydia to see if she can help in anyway.  Lydia is very worried about her baby.  Things are different here as there are only certain visiting hours at the hospital.  The information about the patients are not always given freely.   Will you please join us in praying for Lydia’s baby girl?  She needs a miracle!

Someone has provided the finances for me to purchase food and/or medicine for the family.  I will buy some food today so this will be one less worry for Lydia.  When I arrived, Lydia was walking around outside and tending to her other children.   Just last week, Lydia and her children were scavenging through the trash looking for recyclables.  She smiled at me and said “Well at least it is some type of work!”


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