Teachers who Love the Lord

We are praying for teachers who love the Lord.  Teachers who seek the Lord.  Teachers who embrace allowing the Lord to constantly mold and share their lives to resemble a life led by Christ.

We want teachers who see each child created in HIs image and made for a purpose in life.   A purpose that goes beyond our goals for them.  We want teachers who know this is more than just ministering to a child, but this is ministry to a family.  We want to look for opportunities to share Christ with the family as a result of teaching their children.

We are praying for teachers who do not place God in a box, but come expecting Him to do things beyond our comprehension.  Teachers who ask God to move the mountains, believe He will, and then give Him the glory for it.

We know if there are teachers who seek after the Lord with all of their hearts, they will develop the character of Christ.  They will speak with love, offer grace, and show compassion.  Please continue to pray that God gives us clear discernment on the teachers for the school.  We are trusting Him!

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