Saturday Fun!

A few weeks ago we decided to bribe Sydney.  If she agreed to actually try to learn Spanish then we would allow her to participate in gymnastics.  She happily agreed so we enrolled all three girls into a gymnastics class close by.  After the first session, Sydney’s first comment was “Well, I learned a lot about gymnastics and NO Spanish!”  Since organized activities are not like they are in America, we are taking advantage of them participating in gymnastics class.  And Sydney is taking advantage of us!

After gymnastics class, we loaded up and delivered groceries to some of the families in the center.  Visiting the families is one of our favorite things to do.  We like to walk the streets to visit the families.  One man was riding his bike and yelled to Soy, “Hey facebook friend!”   Only Soy!  The women in the community love to see the girls, and my girls love to see all of the animals in the streets.  Everyone is happy!

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