Egg Hunt!

19 Pizzas, 21 Liters of Pepsi, 5 Bags of Cheese Puffs, 64 Cupcakes, 800 Eggs, 20 Pounds of Candy, 14 Prize Eggs, Many Hours of Preparation, 10 Minutes for the Egg Hunt, 64 Smiling Faces!

The children were extremely excited to participate in the egg hunt today.  Last year they were a bit confused about the purpose of an egg hunt, but this year they did not need any explanation.

Since there is not a team at the mission house, we were able to use the land for all of the hiding places.  This worked perfectly as they were able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.  The big winners found the golden egg with Q10 ($1.40) inside it.  There were many more prize eggs and the children were thrilled to pick a special prize.   We tried to convince them to eat the hard boiled eggs with beans and tortillas at their house, but many of them chose to immediately eat them.  They loved spending about 30 minutes just running around the mission house (The school is being built on the soccer field so we are limited on places to run)

The kids were given cups to use for water from the outside faucets.  Katerin squeezed the handle of the water hose nozzle and it scared her to death.  It’s the little things, such as using a water hose nozzle for the first time, that keeps us laughing.

They ended the day by harvesting the orange trees!  The children quickly climbed the  trees and threw the oranges to their friends!

Tomorrow we get to do it all over again!

Video From Today

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