What A Week!

I have been silent on the blog for the past week, but not because there has been nothing going on.  Soy’s grandfather passed away so he traveled to Texas to be with the family.  Somehow the flight took him to Colorado where he met my dad and sister for several days of skiing.  My week consisted of being school taxi, a dental clinic, feeding center responsibilities, meetings about the future school, helping gather information for the medical center, and being mom.   I was fortunate to have Mrs. Terri, Tess, and Madeline to join me in the adventure.

Mrs. Terri Scholz spent several days in February cleaning teeth at the feeding center.   It quickly became apparent that she would not be able to clean the teeth for all 123 kids.  She booked a flight to return to Guatemala in order to complete the cleaning of about 60 kids.  She worked long days, but she was able to complete her task.  She was even able to clean a few extra people.  One of our mothers was thrilled when she received her first cleaning.  She desperately needed it since she is 45 years old and it was her first time to ever see a dentist!  Dental hygiene is often overlooked, but needed so badly.  Thank you Mrs. Terri for selflessly giving of your time and finances to serve the children.


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