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In God’s kindness, He has allowed me to return to Guatemala to visit the students at the feeding center, whom I’d previously worked with for three months last spring. I specifically remember Deidra asking me when I was leaving if I was going to come back to see them. She did not want to tell the kids I would return to visit if I couldn’t keep my word. Knowing the importance of letting my yes be a true yes, I stated in faith that I would be back to the mountain. I then quietly prayed, “God you are going to have to make a way for me, not because I need to go back, but because I want to honor the hearts’ of these kids.” In God’s perfect authorship, He gave me a free trip during my spring break to visit the precious ones at the feeding center and Deidra and her family. God also allowed my mom and my good friend Madeline to join me and use their gifts to minister to the people of Guatemala as well as keep me company.

It was a beautiful week filled with so much laughter and fellowship with the students at the feeding center. This week the kids affectionately gave me a nickname in Spanish “Tesoro”, meaning treasure in English. I felt as though it was completely fitting as I often times feel like God’s most favorite. But, that is what is also so amazing about the scandalous love of God. I could sit their with all those children and feel like God’s most favorite, yet when I looked back into their eyes, God was constantly whispering to me, “and that one is my favorite….and that one is my most favorite…. and that one is my most favorite… ”

I also got to spend the week continuing to dream with God about the future of the school that is being built on the mountain. When I had left in July the school had just been a dream that Deidra and I had discussed to exhaustion. And going back and seeing the beginning of the school being built, visiting other schools in Guatemala to gain more knowledge, and meeting with the contractor to go over more plans for the current construction project left my heart in awe of what God is accomplishing.  And I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of a small piece of this project because I know God is going to do a mighty work through this school. Christian education is truly a strategy from heaven to break the chains of the oppressed and release God’s children into the fullness of their destiny with Him. I believe this school is going to release the future leaders of Guatemala, allowing them to live out the Gospel by leading people to Christ, caring for the least of these, breaking the chains of the oppressed  and influencing all those around them with the radical love of servanthood.

Thank you G.R.A.C.E. Ministries, Shining Light Abroad Ministries and the Taylor family for allowing me to partner with you for this week! It truly was one of the most joy-filled weeks of my life! I pray that God continues to give you wisdom without measure as you build in the natural what God has been dreaming about for all of eternity!

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