Meet Juan!

If you have stayed at the mission house, then you have probably seen this small older man taking out the trash.  Many of you bless him with a breakfast plate filled with delicious food.   He gathers, sorts, and burns the trash along with caring for the blackberry patch.  He is always smiling!  He has worked with G.R.A.C.E. Ministries for so long that I am am pretty sure he is a permanent fixture with the house.  He has two grandchildren currently in the feeding center.

Yesterday his wife was sitting on the new steps.  She explained that she was there to help her husband with the trash.  His knees have been hurting and he is having difficulty carrying the trash bags.  He walks from a local village every day.

He is only 84 years old!   He wife said she is much younger (by 10 years)!

It’s not possible to look at this picture without seeing the kindness in this man.  What a blessing he has been to us!

(Notice the new steps behind them–They lead all the way to the mission house!)


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