Before the Need is Known…

The month of January left us  absolutely speechless as we watched God use people and churches to surpass our wildest dreams of reaching the financial goal for building the school.  We stood in awe of His faithfulness and excited about the future for these children.  We laughed as our biggest fear is any type of fundraising and yet we were reminded the only thing God asked of us is complete obedience.

Last year, we had this brilliant idea the children would use the computer for math and reading intervention.  The only problem was that many of the children had never used a computer!   We allowed one child to play a math game and it quickly became evident not knowing how to use the keyboard was a problem.

Last Friday, we let the older kids use the computers for math games.  All of the sudden, they wanted to practice their math skills.  They were all able to interact with the games and they throughly enjoyed it.

After watching the students enjoy the math games, we were reminded that we didn’t have enough computers for the students.  Some of the students were having to share.  Having to share a computer with interactive games can be hard for kids. especially when you have a limited amount of time.  None of the kids complained, but we knew there was a need for two more computers.

Honestly, I still struggle with asking for anything for our ministry.  My first thoughts were, “We just asked for people to give to the school.  We can’t ask for more.”  “What if people get tired of us talking about things we need”. (Bro. Johnny, it’s something to do with pride).

We did not share our need with anyone.

On Monday morning, Joe David Bailey sent us a text asking one simple question, “Does SLAM have a need that cost $1000?”  We shared with him our need to buy two more laptops for the children at the center.  Someone had provided the money for any need our ministry might have!  This person has never even been to Guatemala.  And yet, this person was obedient in listening to God without even knowing there was a need.  God used his obedience to provide for us.

We stand amazed at how God continues to faithfully provide for our ministry.  He continues to remind us that if He starts a good work He is faithful to complete it.  The only thing He ask of us is complete obedience and trust.

Will we continue to use the laptops once the school is opened?  Our plans are to provide each teacher a laptop to be used in the classrooms,  This will help tremendously with planning, communicating, and teaching.

He Provides!



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