Did We Meet the Goal?

In August we looked at a proposed budget for a school and operational cost.  We were thinking the construction would cost about $250,000.  At the time, this amount seemed virtually impossible to raise in a short amount of time.  After the architectural plans were drawn, the price was $350,000.  We also know furniture, curriculum, teacher salaries, supplies, computers, is expensive.

Let’s be honest–January is a hard month to raise funds.  At the beginning of December, we basically had no money in the school account.  I did not truly believe we would reach the goal for the Dollar to Dollar Match.

But God.

God has used people to provide for the construction.  Definitely a God Thing!  A God Size Dream!

Individuals, churches, and businesses have generously given or pledged, and we are grateful.  You are part of the eternal story for these children.  You are part of changing future generations.

With the funds given, we will be able to furnish the building.  We are also considering continuing with the third level.

Can people continue to give?  YES!   We will need to purchase lots of books for the library, computers for the lab, supplies, teacher salaries, uniforms, food, and transportation.

Within the next couple of months, I plan to hire the future teachers and purchase the curriculum.  Pray we may have wisdom in making the right decisions.

Today is Groundbreaking Day!  It will be on facebook live so please join us at 9:00 am (central) to watch!  

If you gave a donation or pledged, you will receive a special email by Sunday.  If I do not have you email address please send it to me at shininglightabroad@gmail.com.

Thank You for Being Part of this Incredible Journey!




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