Dental Clinic & Lots of Food!

The groundbreaking ceremony, the dental clinic, and food distributions have kept us busy for the past several days.  Terri Scholz has graciously agreed to clean and examine the teeth of the children at the feeding center.  For the majority of the younger students, this is their first time to ever have their teeth cleaned.  She will be able to examine a the children and Dentist Ashely will do any necessary fillings next week.  Abner is one of the most carefree, happy children at the center.  He was all smiled walking to the back of the center until he turned the corner and saw the dentist!  Apparently, he has been to dental clinic before and it made a lasting impression with him.  The smile turned into tears!  Thankfully, Soy and Mrs. Terri allowed him to watch several students have their teeth cleaned and he bravely endured the dentist.  He left with a smile and clean teeth!

After church, the team traveled to El Rodeo.  This is a community affected by the volcano because they have lost their water supply since last June.  There are approximately 450 families in the community.  200 of the families met at the church and heard the gospel presentation.  Each family received a food bag and hygiene kits.  Every person was served a type of chicken stew with rice, tortillas, and juice.  The team served 700 people!   Next week, we will do the exact same thing for the other 250 families.  The food is great, but people coming to know Christ is our ultimate goal.  Please pray for this ministry.


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