Why the Urgency?

Why the urgency to build a school?  Raising funds, paperwork, and the construction is time consuming and lengthy.  Perhaps it would be easier to spread the plans out over the course of a few years and move at a slower pace.  However, this week I will look into the faces of 120 precious kids who deserve the opportunity to succeed in life.

I am constantly reminded of the sweet face of Sebastian.  Due to circumstances beyond his control, Sebastian is being raised by his grandmother.  Sebastian loves his grandmother but she has definitely beyond her time for raising children.

Face of Abandonment– As many children who are being raised without parents, Sebastian feels the sting of abandonment.  All of his cousins and friends at least have one parent in their lives.  Sebastian knows the hurt of not having any parent choosing to love and support him.  It took him several months to completely trust us and we have allowed him to move at his own pace.  He is not a child who immediately runs to you and shows love.  Obviously, the reality of being abandoned by his parents adds to his lack of trust.

Face of Failure– Due to the lack of stability at home, Sebastian has been labeled as a “problem child”. When I spoke to his teacher in March, I knew Sebastian did not stand a chance in passing third grade.  She saw him as troubled child without a strong family unit.  Since Sebastian did not pass the third grade during the 2017 or 2018 school year, he can no longer continue in our program.  Our rule for the feeding center program is a child is terminated after the second year of failing.  Sebastian knew he will no longer be able to come to the center due to his 2nd time of failing.  In fact, the only way he would give me his report card is because I threatened to take away his trip to Chuck E Cheese!  I believe Sebastian has great potential but he needs a patient teacher who understands his learning style.

Face Without a Future:  Sebastian’s family believes it is best if he begins to make money by shining shoes.  In fact, he has already been taught how to properly shine shoes on the streets.  The male figures in his life see him as a failure at school so perhaps he will be successful in making a little extra money.

We have spent night worrying about Sebastian.  To be honest, when I received his report
card I immediately thought “What would his future look like if we already had a school?”
For many people, Sebastian is a face of abandonment, failure, and without a future.
When we look into the face of Sebastian, we see things differently….


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