Meet Clarissa

Clarissa is a very sweet, 8 year old child who has experienced great tragedy at such a young age.  She lives with her mother and sisters in El Tejar.  She is extremely shy, but she has flourished over the years at the center.  Like many of the children, she finds comfort in the safe environment of the feeding center.  The other day I walked up on her as she was attempting to do the “floss” dance.  She giggled from embarrassment that I saw her showing off her dance moves.

Raymond and Tina Wilkson have sponsored Clarissa since she entered the program.  Tina spoils Clarissa–Big Time!  She keeps a close watch on her weight, eye sight, home environment, etc.  Raymond and Tina are faithful in coming to visit Clarissa every year.  This sweet girl knows she is loved by Raymond and Tina.

Thank you Raymond and Tina for investing in Clarissa!

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