It Begins At Home

It is probably no surprise to most people that Soy loves the costumes during Halloween.  All of the social media pictures make him want to be in the states today!  I almost bought  costumes for us, but the thought of only our family sitting around the kitchen table in costumes is just weird.

However, we are thrilled when we see people and churches who have invested in our ministry invest in their own communities.   The trunk-or-treats and the Halloween festivals make us happy knowing the churches are showing love to the community.  We are praying this is one way for the church to be Salt and Light in the community.

We were equally thrilled to have people from our home church, Friendship, travel to Long Avenue Baptist Church in Florida to assist with helping the hurricane victims.  The men chose to use their time, money, and effort to show love to a neighboring state.

Showing the love of Jesus starts with your neighbor!  It begins at home!

I am attaching the testimony of a man, Dusty Teague, who suddenly passed away yesterday.  We did not personally know Dusty, but he was involved in trips to Guatemala.  While reading his story, I was encouraged by the people who invested in his life, specifically Bro. Johnny and Mrs. Judy Tucker.   Investing in people is worth it all!

Click on the link below:

Dusty Teague




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