Soccer, STEM, & a Baby

This week was busy as Soy and Ignacio held a small soccer clinic for the kids around the community.  In addition to playing soccer, the boys learned how to play kick ball, had water balloon fights, and enjoyed ice cream and pizza.   They had a good week and we are looking forward to doing it all over again in a couple of weeks.


When I traveled home this past August, I was able to purchase some items for the older kids at the center.  These “games” focus on the engineering aspect and cooperative learning.  The STEM activities are very popular in the US, but the children we work with do not have exposure to such activities.  The kids had a blast constructing the ferris wheel as a team!


Armando’s mom, Rosa, walked to the center on Monday afternoon to turn in some paperwork for the feeding center.  She has four young boys, and she was expecting another child soon.  No worries–she had the baby on Monday night!  A few weeks ago, we saw her walking down the long dirt road leading to the mission house while pushing a wheel barrel of wood and carrying a baby on her back (of course, we stopped and insisted on helping her).  They welcomed a fifth, healthy, six-pound baby boy!

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