Food & Games

We enjoyed Sunday hanging out with the youth from church.  Of course the one time I try to cook crockpot lasagna is the morning we lose power.  Soy went to buy gas for the generator to try to cook the lasagna, and the power came back on as he pulled back into the driveway.  The youth scraped the crockpots as they went for seconds and they devoured the salad, brownies, and coke.  It was comical when they realized we actually bought ranch for the salad–they were pretty excited.  They spent the rest of the afternoon playing board games, Uno Attack (huge hit), and the Wii.  Lizzi enjoyed teaching a new game to a group of the youth.

We had a fellowship after church in hopes of them inviting new youth to the church.  There were three new youth who came to church and stayed for lunch and games.  Pray the youth continue to come and grow in the church.

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