Congrats Lizzi!

We spent yesterday celebrating Lizzi’s kindergarten graduation!  Wednesdays are our days off so we celebrated her ALL day.  God gave us Lizzi first because she has adjusted to school without any problems.  She has loved every minute of school and meeting friends.

Audrey insisted on wearing her gold, glitter shoes because it was her graduation also.  Even after sitting there for three hours, she asked when her graduation would begin.

Our babysitter, Ingrid, is now teaching Sydney basic Spanish vocabulary.  The first day did not go well as Sydney refused to even try.  Our conversation that night went like this:

Sydney:  I want to be a doctor when I grow up.                                                                         Me: Then you have to learn Spanish.                                                                                     Sydney:  Oh no, I am going to be a doctor who speaks English!                                              Me:  Sydney, where do we live?                                                                                               Sydney:  Alabama.                                                                                                                             Me:  Sydney, where is our house right now?                                                                          Sydney:  I was born in Alabama!                                                                                                   Me:  Sydney, where are we living right now?                                                                       Sydney:  After a couple of minutes and a look of frustration she mumbles “Guatemala”

To everyone who told us young children adjust quickly, and they naturally soak up the language–Sydney has proven you wrong!

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