Meet Fredy and Rosali!

Fredy lives in a small community directly behind the feeding center.  He has been coming to the center for the past 5 years.  His parents are very supportive, and they work hard to provide for the family.  Although Fredy is shy, I have watched him blossom with confidence over the past several months.  We believe he has a bright future.

Rosali is not shy!  She has a spunky personality and a contagious smile.  She lives with her mother and sisters, and they work together to help the family survive.  They were at our house one night and the mother was sure to tell me they needed to go home due to work and school the next morning!

When Brad and/or Daphne come to Guatemala, they always make it a priority to spend time with Fredy and Rosali.  They invest in the families and show immense love to them. They are also teaching their own children about the importance of investing in other people.

Thank you Brad and Daphne Hutto for investing in Fredy and Rosali!



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