Thank You Cropwell!

In 2002, the mission house on GRACE Mountain was built to house short-term groups.  Over the years, the calendar continues to increase with the number of groups using the house.  In 2019, there will be 45 teams to come through and use the mission house.  There are a lot of people that sleep, eat, sleep, and use the mission house every year.  Naturally, there are a lot of “wear and tear” on the mission house as a result of all of the teams.

This past week a group of 5 men and 1 boy from Cropwell Baptist in Pell City, Alabama worked as a maintenance team at the mission house.  They paid for their airline tickets, meals, and ALL of the repairs needed at the house.  They accomplished a long to-do list that consisted of everything from painting bathrooms and rooms to replacing ceiling fans to repairing beds to repairing sinks.  The list they accomplished was extremely long and they handled it all like champs.  In addition to the maintenance repairs, they worshipped with GRACE church, distributed audio Bibles, spent time at the feeding center, and participated in a food distribution.

If you have the privilege to use the mission house in the future, then you will appreciate their time and work.  What a selfless act of service!

Thank you Cropwell Baptist!

I “think” they voted George Arrington as hardest worker of the week–Congratulations George!

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