We Survived School!

We survived our first year of school in Guatemala!   Lizzi was a champ as she started three weeks later than the others, she only spoke English, and she didn’t know her teacher or classmates.  She has thrived over the past year as she has made lots of friends and continues to increase her fluency in Spanish.

Are the schools in Guatemala different from the schools in the US?  Yes!  I had to turn off my “teacher brain” and just stop asking questions.  Yearly, quarterly, monthly, or even weekly calendars–No Way–a 2 day notice is plenty of time!  Looking for specific standards, grades, or newsletters on the computer–not possible.  I am learning to live for the moment, but it is killing me.  Soy always lives for the moment!  We could write a book on how many mistakes we have made this year.  Our most common threat was “Lizzi you better not tell your teacher about this!”

However, Lizzi has not experienced the academic pressure as found in many of the schools in the U.S.  She has learned a lot from simply socializing with her friends, and she seldom complains about going to school.  We were blessed to have a teacher that Lizzi adores, and her blue eyes, blonde hair helps her receive special attention.

In January, Lizzi starts first grade and Sydney starts kindergarten.  Audrey will continue to be the boss of the babysitter!

Now we will enjoy summer break!  (Actually we will focus on reading in English!)


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