Teresita & Ignacio

If you are Soy’s facebook friend then I am certain you have seen pictures from Teresita’s wedding.  Max and Teresa Lara have been dear friends in the ministry for many years.  Teresa and Teresita clean the mission house and cook for many of the groups.  Many of you have grown to love their family throughout the years.

Teresita and Ignacio were legally married this past April, but a religious ceremony is extremely important in their cultural.

Our three girls were “little ladies” in the wedding, and they loved every minute of it.  The fluffy dresses, gold glitter shoes, throwing flowers–what’s not to love.  The poor professional photographer trying to take pictures with Audrey!

One of the highlights of our first Guatemalan wedding was being able to experience with my mom’s sister, Kim.  She was able to spend a couple of days with us as we showed her parts of our daily lives along with some Guatemalan tourism!


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