El Salvador Pastors’ Conference

My mom and I left early Monday morning to ride a bus for 5 hours from Guatemala to San Salvador.  We then traveled another 3 hours to Las Palmas where the conference took place.  Bro. Michael Mason, Bro. Keith Martin, Pastor Joe Bailey, and my dad were only a few minutes behind us as they arrived at the conference at 4:25.  At 4:30 it was Pastor Joe’s time to preach!  The men each preached on one topic along with teach about 4 1/2 hours of break-out sessions.  They left at 5 am on Wednesday morning to drive another 2 1/2 hours to preach to pastors in Santa Ana all day.  Finally they drove another 1 hour to San Salvador to spend the night and prepare for a flight home on Thursday.  The men had a busy, but successful three days through ministering to the pastors.  Even after a longe three days, Pastor Joe, Bro. Keith, and Bro. Michael volunteered to ride in the back of a truck to the city.  The van needed repairs and their servants’ hearts allowed us to use a truck to go directly to the hotel.  It was very kind of them!




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