Week Review

Here are a few things we have done this past week:

(Of course, we worked with the kids at the feeding center everyday.  Thank you to Resurrection Life team from Michigan for spending time with kids on Wednesday.  I have no pictures–sorry)

We fed families at the El Tejar dump

We enjoyed taking some families from the feeding center to enjoy dinner and ice cream

Food Distribution for 300 Families (Thank you to Resurrection Life Team for Helping)

We enjoyed church Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as Bro. Johnny Tucker preached.  On Monday, we were able to share in serving the congregation a spaghetti dinner.

We fed 300 families affected by the volcano.  Pastor Max shared the gospel.  The team graciously helped us serve the people.

Lizzi enjoyed participating in her first Independence Day parade!

The kids who had perfect attendance during the month of August enjoyed tokens for the arcade and a ice cream.  They were excited!



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