Meet Eli!

Eli is a typical, nine-year boy.  In March, I was at his school on “report card” day!  We talked to his mom about why his grade in homework was not as high as we would like.  The mother’s limited education limits her to helping her third grade son.  We explained how Eli never has homework when he comes to the center.  Within 10 minutes, the mother had Eli standing in front of us to plead his case.  Ironically, now Eli always has homework!  The other week I walked around the corner and he was wrestling/ disagreeing with Sebastian about a game of marbles.  Eli quickly smiled and said, “No worries we are just hugging!”

Eli is a full of life.  He is the first to show off his dancing skills, play marbles, offer to help, laugh with friends, and smile.  He is a pure joy to be around.  He lives with his dad, mom, and 7 siblings!

Thank You Nolan and Paula Brannon for sponsoring Eli!

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