Our Hearts Are Full!

It is no secret about how much we miss our church fellowship.  So when a team of 48 people from our church and two other precious churches spend a week with us in Guatemala, it is an encouraging and refreshing time.  We have spent the past week being very busy, but loving every minute of it.

A “Field Day” for 150 kids to feeding 40 people, feeding 50 people at San Pedro, constructing and dedicating 16 houses, feeding people at the dump, food distribution, and spending time with the children at the feeding center kept us all busy but I am confident everyone left with overflowing hearts.

Some of the team spent several mornings traveling to San Pedro to feed the people affected by the volcano.  They spent one morning painting fingernails, playing parachutes, coloring, etc. to allow the kids the opportunity to enjoy being a child.

I am thankful the team allowed 60 of the kids from the feeding center to sing to them.  Kendall, our summer intern, has spent the last several weeks working with the children and they did a fantastic job.  The children are precious.

In my opinion, the time spent in worship through song and preaching was the highlight of the trip.  I always appreciate it when teams do not neglect the opportunity to teach the Word and prioritize the devotions.  We come to physically and spiritually feed others, and yet we need to be spiritually fed also.  We have watched God move in mighty ways through the morning devotions.

I am horrible at remembering to take pictures but here are a few of them.

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