To each person who has sponsored a specific child or given to the general funds at the feeding center–Thank You!  You are changing lives!

Sometimes videos are better than written words.

As my dad and I were going Antigua, we saw Sebastian and Alex (boys from the feeding center) walking down the road.  We stopped to talk to them and they ended up going to Antigua with us.  It was their first time in Antigua, and they loved every minute of it.    Stephanie and Amy have played vital parts in their lives so it was fun to surprise them.  Every sponsor holds a very special place in the heart of these children.


2 thoughts on “Surprises!

  1. So precious to see Jonathon getting baptized!! The other video was precious too! From experience, it is a sweet blessing to get to see and spend time with the child the Lord is allowing you to help make a difference in! A big shout out for the ministry of the Feeding Center and all their workers! Love y’all!❤️🙏🏻


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