Update on Pastor Max (2nd Entry)

Many people have worked with Pastor Max Lara and loved his family for years.  Max lost a sister-in-law and niece-in-law as a result of the volcano.  They were buried yesterday afternoon.  As of yesterday, they were still trying to receive accurate information about Max’s brother.  They have lost some of the members, including children, from Max’s church in El Rodeo.  They have not been allowed to return to El Rodeo to see the damage.  Please continue to pray for this precious family.  We love them!

If you are on facebook then you can contact Teresita AG Lara, Max’s daughter, by using messenger.  We will let you know of ways to help the family, church, and community this week.

Update:  At noon, Teresa informed me that 20 of her family members have passed.  The uncles, aunts, and cousins were all in the same house.  They have recovered most of them, but are missing a few.  Max has lost 7 family members also.  They are simply waiting for the call that allows them to give proper burial.  Our heart hurts for them–Continue to pray.  

One thought on “Update on Pastor Max (2nd Entry)

  1. Deidre, I have been in prayer and added your ministry and the beautiful people affected by this tragedy on a prayer list I’m on that has literally people from all over the world.
    Love you and wrapping you in His love, light, prayers and hugs.

    Aunt Wanda


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