There was a lot of volcanic ash (sand) in Chimaltenango as a result of the eruption of Fuego.  We were a bit naive about the devastation caused by the eruption as we were without power for several hours and just simply did not stay connected with the news.

Many of you know Pastor Max and Teresa Lara as they have been involved in ministering with us for many, many years.  Teresa and her daughter, Teresita, clean the mission house and cook for the teams.  Pastor Max has a church near the lava flow along with family members.  As of late last night, Teresita text to say they can locate three of the family members and they are prepared for the worse.  They do not know the condition of the church at this point.  Pray for their family.

Tomorrow, Soy is planning to travel with a local pastor to see how we can be involved in helping the people in the area.  We will let you know of specific ways to help after we have visited the place.  Many of you support us on a monthly basis and we are grateful.  Your monthly support allows us to minister to needs such as this at the exact moment.

Continue to pray for the devastation for all of the people involved.

This is a map to help people have a visual for the location.  Bro. Johnny Tucker began the process of cleaning up this morning.

These pictures are some taken at the mission house.  They obviously do not compare to the true devastation.

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