How Can We Help?

We have spent the past two days praying about the best way we can help the people affected by the Volcano.  Today we traveled to the main “help” area to see if there are needs for resources.  Thankfully, people were bringing lots of water, food, medicine, and clothes.

At this moment we believe the best way to help is through a local pastors such as Max Lara.  Pastor Max has a church congregation and family in one of the areas directly impacted by the volcano.  There are more difficult areas to travel and we want to minister to the towns which may be overlooked.   Max has many relationships with people in the surrounding towns and we trust his judgement.

Like any natural disaster, there is always an abundance of immediate help.  In a few weeks the volcano will calm down and people will tend to forget about the needs for the people.  We know there will still be numerous needs for the families in the upcoming days, months, and years.  We want to serve, minister, and love the people in future whether it is by providing food, building houses, or rebuilding churches.

How can you help?  The possibility of shipping items on a container is simply not feasible.  We can purchase the necessities here in Guatemala.  This is a great opportunity for a church, business, VBS, or family to make a difference in lives.  You can give online or by mail through our ministry:


By Mail:                                                                                                                                                   Shining Light Abroad Ministries
P.O. Box 513
Grand Bay, AL 36541

***There is a tab designated for Volcano Relief.  All donations are tax-deductible

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